"The most soulful female vocalist since Wynonna.  Rachel Williams possesses all the qualities of a major star in the making.” Clint Higham, Exec. VP Morris Management Group

 · More than 4.5  million hits to the RachelWilliamsOnline.com website

· MySpace—Over 300, 000 views

· Almost 30,000 YouTube views

· Seen by over 2 million viewers as Top 12 finalist on USA Networks Nashville Star season 2, 2004

· Released two full length CD’s and two EP’s, with latest being, Lovers & Liars release in June of 2009

 “She has the goods. This creeps up on you with cat’s paws. The languid pace, echoing instruments, spacious production and her hushed, aching delivery are all immensely seductive. The lyric of leaving home is full of terrific details. And her falsetto leaps in the bridge are like little daggers to the heart. A mini masterpiece. This, by the way, is the third single in a row that I have raved about from this performer.”  R.K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

 · Named one of the Top 11 Artist To Watch in 2010 by LimeWire Music Blog

· Featured in Country Weekly Magazine (2008  & Jan 4, 2010 issue), Maverick Magazine, UnRated Magazine and Music Row Magazine

· Clear Channel featured New Artist

 "As well as having one helluva voice, Rachel is also a mighty fine songwriter.  Rachel has all the qualities to be a very big star, and I still stand by my original prediction that fame is just around the corner for this exceptionally talented young singer-songwriter." -Maverick Magazine

· Hosted her own booth at CMA Music Festival 3 years in a row, Featured performer at the CMA Music Festival, Nashville TN

· Has toured extensively and shared the stage with acts such as:  Wynonna, Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins, Ronnie Milsap, John Anderson, Diamond Rio, Clay Walker, Doug Stone, Confederate Railroad, Steve Holy and more.

· Performed at nationally known venues including Eddies Attic in Atlanta and the Viper Room in Los Angeles

· Hugely successful college tour in 2006


“There is no female vocalist in Nashville that deserves attention from the major labels like her. She’s got soul, depth, and she writes like nobody’s business. If there’s any justice, she’s going to make it.”  LimeWire Music Blog, Article - 11 Country Artists to Watch in 2010


· Regularly writing with top Nashville songwriters: Angela Kaset, Bruce Wallace, Rachel Proctor, Kim Tribble, Bonnie Baker, Austin Cunningham, Karen Staley, Mark Irwin

· Performed with Jo Dee Messina during her inaugural MUSIC ROW ROAD RACE 5K that helped raise $100,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 2009

· Featured in the line up for Jimmy Wayne’s Champions for Children Benefit Concert and Auction at the Wildhorse Saloon 2009

· Featured performer for “Rock For Recovery” benefiting the American Red Cross 2009

· Regularly hosts  late rounds at the world famous Bluebird Café


 · Website - www.rachelwilliamsonline.com

· MySpace - www.myspace.com/rachelwilliamsmusic

 · Booking - rachelwilliamsmusic@yahoo.com

 · Management - Copeland Tucker Management, Susan Tucker  ctmgmt@aol.com, 615-429-5032

· Publisher - Sage House Music   sagehousemusic@aol.com, 615-429-5032


A Few Endorsements for Rachel Williams:





 Maverick Magazine


This talented young singer/songwriter releases another mighty fine collection of songs.

Rachel Williams first came to the attention of the American music buying public when she appeared on season two of USA Network’s Nashville Star and getting all the way to the final.

On this very good 7-track mini album she has co-written every song, and they all seem to be written around relationships and the turmoil and heartache suffered when these relationships come to an end.

Rachel has been described as having the musical attitude of Miranda Lambert and the vocal power and proficiency of Wynonna. You Let Me was written just after Rachel’s latest relationship had collapsed and along with Sara Beck and Kim Copeland wrote this powerful song. A Woman To Love is a great rocker with fine driving guitar solos accompanying Rachel’s strong voice.

Probably my favourite track has to be the gorgeous piano laden ballad In Between with Rachel’s sweet voice a real joy.

Success must come soon for this talented young singer/songwriter. DK





Robert K Oermann


Writer: R. Williams/S. Beck/K. Copeland; Producer: Kim Copeland &

Rachel Williams; HER Records (track)



 Righteously rocking, with a soaring, power-packed vocal performance. Eminently playable.






Robert K Oermann

RACHEL WILLIAMS/The Only Thing Harder Than Leaving
Writer: R. Williams/K. Copeland/E. Corley; Producer: K. Copeland & R. Williams; Publisher: Sage House Music/Corleysongs, ASCAP; HER Records (615-429-5032)
—She has the goods. This creeps up on you with cat’s paws. The languid pace, echoing instruments, spacious production and her hushed, aching delivery are all immensely seductive. The lyric of leaving home is full of terrific details. And her falsetto leaps in the bridge are like little daggers to the heart. A mini masterpiece. This, by the way, is the third single in a row that I have raved about from this performer. So program her, already.



 Robert K Oermann

 We have not one, not two, but three contenders for this week’s DisCovery Award. For your consideration, we present tender, bluegrassy Tim Hensley AND ballsy, rocking Rachel Williams AND pop-leaning, youthful tenor vocal wonder Will Hedgecock. Our winner is Will, but all three deserve your ears.

Writer: Rachel Williams/Karleen Watt/Karen Staley; Producer: Kim Copeland/Rachel Williams; Publisher: Sage House/Caladina/Hobo Lizard, ASCAP/BMI; HER (www.rachelwilliamsonline.com)
—Hot as a pistol. The sexy, come-on lyric is matched by her smokin’ delivery.




From Maverick Magazine, Nov. 2007

4 stars

One of my picks for the top, Rachel has released another cracker of an album.

In my feature Four New Ladies of Country (July 2006), I tipped this young lady for the top.  She hasn’t made it yet, but if she keeps releasing top quality tunes as can be found on this great new release, then fame should not be far away.  Rachel has a tremendously powerful voice like her singing idol, Wynonna.  This can be heard in the very first track That’s Why I Picked This Guitar which should be first choice as a single; it would go down great on country radio in America.  The song rates right up there with Miranda Lambert’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

As well as having one helluva voice, Rachel is also a mighty fine songwriter.  This can be found on songs such as the powerful, How Does It Feel and the driving ballad, Something Worth Saving, which she co-wrote with Karleen Watt.  Rachel is as comfortable singing ballads as she is singing rockier songs.  She can be so inspiringly emotive one minute as on the beautiful, The Only Thing Harder Than Leaving, but she can also rock your socks off on tunes such as the raucous, Firestarter.  At a very generous sixteen tracks, this is an album well worth owning.  Rachel Williams has all the qualities to be a very big star, and I still stand by my original prediction that fame is just round the next corner for this exceptionally talented young singer-songwriter.








 From Music News Nashville, August 2008

 Last year, for this website, I had the chance to review an album by Rachel Williams.  In my almost two years of reviewing projects for Music News Nashville, I don’t think I have came across one any better.  Recently, we had the chance to catch up with this stunning singer, who I think is destined for big things in this industry.


A native of Michigan, Williams grew up enamored with Country Music, watching the awards shows each year with her parents.  She admits to watching the actions of one act a little more closely than others---The Judds.  Her first concert experience was the mother /daughter sensation, and Wynonna’s one-of-a-kind vocals definitely made an impression on the singer.  Her current disc, LONELY AT THE BOTTOM, proves this influence…and not just vocally.  While there are a few cuts that prove that Williams might have owned albums such as HEARTLAND or LOVE CAN BUILD A BRIDGE, it’s the fact that Williams, like Wy, tries to be nobody else other than….herself.  The somewhat novel concept to Nashville recording might be different than most, but it works for her. 


 While she doesn’t divulge details, it’s something she might be a little familiar with, admitting that her dating life has definitely influenced her writing, as well as song selection.

You might be familiar with Williams for her stint on “Nashville Star,” during the show’s second season. 

 However, if you’re reading this from, say…Michigan, picture Williams in a brown uniform….and you might know her from the popular restaurant chain Cracker Barrel. 


Well, those Cracker Barrel days have since passed, but Williams continues to be all around the place.  Very computer-savvy, the singer says that “the internet is so huge.  Whether it’s official websites, MySpace, or Facebook, we try to keep a presence out there.  People just don’t want the facts or a picture, they want to feel like you’re talking to them, so I like to try to make my site very personable.”















 "The first time I saw Rachel Williams perform I was blown away. Having been to every kind of showcase known to man over my twenty-plus years in Nashville I am not easily blown away. What struck me more than her stellar pipes and great song selection was her poise on stage in between songs. She is more than just a good singer...she is an honest to goodness entertainer ! The ease in which she engaged the audience was something many big artists don't even have, let alone someone barely past twenty. Rachel possesses the pipes of a young Wynonna with the instant likability and personal connection of someone I used to perform onstage with... Reba. In short, she has what we in the biz call "The X Factor"... that intangible quality that separates an artist from the sea of other great singers and performers out there. It's why Rachel isn't going to just be successful, it's why she's going to be a star."


Karen Staley Hit Songwriter/recording artist/producer




 “The most soulful female vocalist since Wynonna.  Rachel Williams possesses all the qualities of a major star in the making.”

Clint Higham, Exec. VP Morris Management Group

Managing – Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich








 “When you hear Rachel Williams sing, you know you are hearing a future star. She's got everything it takes and more. As a songwriter, I would love to hear her sing any of my songs.”







Rachel Williams - Lonely At The Bottom


From Jennifer Webb

This is an album with mass appeal. If you like country, rock, singer/songwriter music, and even pop music you should be pleased with this one. Rachel Williams has come a long way from her debut album and she's only gotten better throughout the years. Buy her album and see for yourself.

It has been four years since Rachel Williams' last album was released and now she is back with a new sixteen-track collection from HER Records. Back then her music was great but now it is outstanding. She has really outdone herself with this one. There is a heavy singer/songwriter vibe since she wrote or co-wrote twelve of the songs. Some other notable co-writers include Catherine Britt, Karleen Watt, and Rachel Proctor.

 In "That's Why I Picked This Guitar," a jealous man decides he will make the woman choose between her guitar or him - and he was taught a lesson when she chose the guitar. She'd leave him all alone at home feeling insecure while she enjoyed the time away. When decision time rolled around, he couldn't compete with the cheap therapy being on stage gave her so he became old news. Sassy song number two is "Firestarter" and there's some edge to it. The man may think he's dealing with a simple schoolgirl, however the joke is on him. She won't just let a man tease her and walk away. She'll finish what he started because "I light a match then fan the flames, watch you burn and then walk away." She's a tough woman.

"How Does It Feel" takes you through all the emotions of a woman who was seemingly dumped for another girl. To some people she looks like she's doing well, but on the inside she's still hurting. "I can't forgive and forget, but despite that fact I think I'm taking it well," Rachel sings. She wants to know what it feels like to be such a jerk, because that's what he is for cheating. With a similar beat, "Sad Songs" are what the woman used to sing & now she's moving on to make new memories. You can only drown in your sorrows so long before enough is enough. Lines like "I'm so much stronger. Baby I'm no longer holding on, holding on like before" perfectly sum up her sentiments. It's a strong song I could hear being played during a dramatic scene in a television show.

 "Something Worth Saving" has an attitude completely different from the previous song. In this one, the woman tells her ex-boyfriend that they should give things another try, because she realizes how much their relationship means to her. "The Only Thing Harder Than Leaving" has some standout dobro sounds if you listen carefully. You might think going home will lift your spirits after a breakup, but nothing is the same when you're depressed. "I'm moving like a stranger through my own past." Another song with standout lyrics is the slow-tempo, "Lean." In it, the woman tells the man not to be afraid of asking for help because she'll hold him & make his life's load a little lighter.

Slow songs can bring out the best (and worst) of an artist's voice depending on how they handle it. I can't tell you how amazing Rachel's voice sounds on "If Nobody Moves." Usually the faster songs tend to be my favorite(s) on an album; not so with this one. The way the lyrics flow so flawlessly and Rachel's voice glides over the notes, you can't ask for anything better. "Kill Me In The Morning" is powerful without being pushy and was written by Rachel, along with Austin Cunningham. Both of these songs (interwined with the mid-tempo and faster songs mentioned above) make for a well-rounded and well-crafted sophomore album from the talented Rachel Williams.







 “Great Country Sound” FIVE STARS Review from CDBaby


  This album shows a wide range of Rachel´s talent. Typical Country like That´Why I Picked This, Uphill, On My Way To You but also beautiful ballads like If Nobody Moves, Sth Worth Saving, Lean, World Famous, Kill Me In The Morning and Sad Songs. She rocks with the Song Firestarter. Awesome album, a must have not only for Country fans.



  “Wow… it’s my life!” FIVE STARS Review from CDBABY



I would just like to say that I found my life in this album. I am going thru a hard time myself and these songs just hit the spot. I absolutely love them!


 FIVE STAR Review from CDBaby


 Honestly, I’ve never owned a better CD! Everything about Lonely At The Bottom is 100% original, real and relatable. Rachel has grown so much as a vocalist and obviously as proven by this record, is now a tremendous and seasoned songwriter. My favorites are How Does It Feel, Lonely At The Bottom, and If Nobody Moves! BUY THIS RECORD! I guarentee that you won't be disappointed! Rachel IS the next superstar of country music, so get on board early because it's going to be one hell of a ride!!!!










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